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RISE enhances businesses with expert solutions, refining processes, developing skills, and empowering leadership through customized transformation programs for sustainable growth.

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Corporate Innovation Consulting

Our Corporate Innovation Consulting guides businesses towards long-term success by leveraging innovation expertise, expanding ventures, and fostering strategic connections along the new S-Curve.

Corporate Innovation Maturity Model™ (CIMM™)

Solving the mystery of the top corporate innovation wonders - ‘Where is our organization on the corporate innovation journey?,’ ‘What should be our next moves?,’ ‘How can we ensure that we are on the right track?.’

Corporate Accelerator

Elevate your business journey with our focused support, propelling startups and corporate ventures to new heights.

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People Transformation Programs

Empower your organization to innovate from within. Our proven intrapreneurship programs unlock creativity at all levels, turning ideas into real businesses.

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Experiential Learning

Discover limitless possibilities with us as we unite leaders and innovators, igniting exponential growth in learning, skills, and investment avenues for emerging businesses.

Corporate Innovation Summit (CIS)

The Asia’s Largest Experiential Conference, gathering over 2,000 global leaders, investors, and startups focused on evolving mindsets and driving corporates forward.

Southeast Asia Tech Conference (SEAT)

An exclusive invitation only event that bring you to meet leaders in frontier technologies under the theme of "Future of Everything".

RISE Alpha Trip

An experiential abroad trip, designed to provide an immersive journey in leading nations, delving into AI, digital technologies, sustainability, and digital governance.

Let us support on your innovation journey

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