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The Programs that Designed for Individual Success

A group of people attended digital transformation exponential (DTX) program

Digital Transformation Xponential (DTX)

A 12-week hands-on learning experience, designed for corporate leaders focused on transforming their organization into exponential growth in the digital age.


Learn how to transform your organization for exponential growth in the digital era.


Experience firsthand the process of creating organizational change through real use cases, addressing Thailand's challenges by innovatively transforming the platform. Learn through hands-on experience.


Gain exclusive access to the 'Digital Transformation' action plans within the organization from actual organizational leaders and innovation experts

Government Transformation Xponential (GTX)

Fostering Innovation in Government by empowering and cultivating a culture of intrapreneurship for transformation.

3 cores of the program

Fostering Innovation in Government by empowering and cultivating a culture of intrapreneurship for transformation.


Organizational management in the face of change by adapting organizational digital strategy and achieving peak organizational performance.


Leveraging technology and data to enhance organizational performance and embrace digital transformation.

A group of people attended government transformation exponential (GTX) program
A group of people attended sustainability transformation exponential (STX) program

Sustainability Transformation Xponential (STX)

An intensive leadership program designed to drive sustainability transformation across industries to lead transformation by learning from renowned experts and thought leaders.

“Together, we can make a difference in the fight against climate change. Join our mission to drive sustainability transformation and achieve net zero emissions.”
A group of people attended sustainability board of future (SBF) program

Sustainability Board of the Future (SBF)

A 1-month program designed for board of director aims to lead organizations to become strategic leaders in a future-ready to tackle climate change, fortify financial stability, and sustainable growth.

Strategic imperative

Climate change impacts financial stability, market access, brand reputation, and shareholder value.

New s-curve of growth

Climate action drives innovation, efficiency, and market leadership for sustainable growth.

Fiduciary duty

Proactive climate action fulfills your legal and ethical duty for long-term value creation.

A group of people attended marketing transformation exponential (MTX) program

Marketing Transformation Xponential (MTX)

MTX is designed specifically to transform marketers with new customer insights, modern marketing playbook and extended network

Redefine marketing horizon

Unlearn your traditional marketing principles. Equip yourself with new-era marketing weapons

Expand your network

Interact with classmates and executive marketing leaders at the networking event

Hands on experiential workshop

Learn from industry experts to gain actionable insights and implement learning into practice

Transcend yourself to the marketer of the next era

Master your next marketing skill with an innovative way to attract the customer in the age of disruption

Let us support on your innovation journey

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