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The best mail reading solution for Microsoft Outlook 2000, 2003, 2010Kernel Outlook PST Viewer Crack Mac for Windows is a mail reader and the best tool to read and send/receive emails using Microsoft Outlook. It can open.pst file which is created by Microsoft Outlook; you can convert.pst file to CSV file, Excel, Access, PDF and HTML file.Why Microsoft does not use it in Outlook?Because of the rich structure of the.pst file, Microsoft Outlook cannot show a complete list of email messages. To retrieve messages, Microsoft Outlook displays a dialog box. They do not use it, probably because of the complicated use of the tool.Therefore, Kernel Outlook PST Viewer Torrent Download delivers the most effective solution in regards to Microsoft Outlook. Not only does it provide you with the convenience of managing a huge amount of emails, but it also allows you to view the details about the emails such as sent, received, deleted, header and subject. You can receive, store, organize and convert emails without any difficulties.Top featuresView and open emails that you have sent and receivedSave and send emails to another.pst fileConvert.pst file to CSV file, Excel, Access, PDF and HTMLExport emails to file, outlook toolbox or HTMLDownload emails from Receive emails from different domainExplore mailboxes, folders, emails and labels of Microsoft OutlookView as a tree of folders, contacts, tasks, notes, journals and calendarsCreate and read PDF reportsExport emails to Gmail, Yahoo, Hotmail, Outlook Express and other POP3 accountExact replica of Outlook.How to install Outlook PST ViewerKernel Outlook PST Viewer is easily installed on Windows operating system. Please follow the steps given below to install Outlook PST Viewer on your PC:Make sure your PC is running on Windows 8.1 or later, otherwise you cannot install Outlook PST Viewer.Download Outlook PST Viewer from the given link and extract it to the folder you want. For example, if the folder is on C:\, the file will be downloaded on C:\.Double-click Outlook PST Viewer.exe.Select Install and click OK to install Outlook PST Viewer.When the installation is completed, the file will start downloading.Click Finish. 08929e5ed8