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Benefits of having an ESA canine - 2022 Guide

The interaction of animals with the humans is known to help people with emotional, developmental, behavioral, and social disorders. A pet prescribed by mental health professionals under the law to a person with an emotional or mental disability is known as an emotional support animal (ESA). An emotional support animal could prove to be a best partner. It can also provide so many benefits to its owner. Nevertheless, to get these benefits, you will need an emotional support animal letter which will facilitate you in taking your dog anywhere.

Such a pet provides many benefits to its owner. In the case of people with emotional mental conditions, having a support animal is critical to their ability to normally function daily. The comfort provided by the emotional support animal helps them in dealing with challenges. Otherwise, these challenges may result in huge issues and troubles.

A professional mental health professional first determines the presence of the emotional support animal for a mentally ill patient and then prescribes the emotional support animal. For instance, they first see what animal will reduce the anxiety in the patient and then make suggestions accordingly.

An emotional support animal is the best partner and provides benefits such as alleviating depression and anxiety through companionship. Moreover, the mental health of the patient is positively affected by emotional support animals since it fosters emotional connectivity and helps them manage their moments of crisis.

Emotional support animals alleviate the symptoms of emotional disability of their owners by providing a feeling of comfort and love. The emotional, cognitive, social, and/or physical functioning of an individual can be improved by possessing an ESA. Also, the animal does not need specific working abilities to meet the requirements for emotional support.

The emotional support animal helps people experiencing some kind of trauma. Petting an animal elevates mood and results in mind relaxation. In addition, the ESA helps in reducing rates of respiration, lowering blood pressure, and improving the ability to cope with pain. People with mental conditions also find a sense of purpose when they care for an emotional support animal. Since it provides companionship and unconditional love, receiving love and care in return can be emotionally rewarding for ESA and so for the person.

Moreover, the document which is signed and approved by a licensed mental health professional showing the importance of having an animal for a certain patient is called an emotional support animal letter. Some people also called the ESA Letter a prescription letter or ESA evaluation. It is a certificate which states that the animal is needed for your emotional support as per your treatment requirements.

However, your mental health professional must be a psychiatrist, therapist, mental health expert, or physician. This way they will be authorized to give you the letter. There are specific regulations that will prevent emotional support animals from accompanying you unless you have a valid ESA letter.

Therefore, people should know the components of a valid ESA letter. It includes name of the patient and animal details (type, breed, etc.), it confirms that the person needs support animal due to emotional disability. It also describes how the animal will help the person and contains the letterhead of the mental health professional along with the signature and date of issuance. Moreover, it has the details of the mental health professional such as name, date of license issue, license number, license type, and state, and prescription.

You can get your ESA letter by asking your therapist to write it. You can also apply for your ESA letter online. Getting an ESA letter is a very simple process. You should get a licensed mental health practitioner to write your letter irrespective of the method. When it is determined that a person will benefit from the companionship of the emotional support animal, the LMHP writes and signs the letter. Moreover, the letter facilitates an individual to assert his or her rights under federal and state laws. With a valid ESA letter, you can also bring your emotional support animal whether dog or cat to your workplace.

The ESA letter also helps an individual with airline travel as well as protect them from amoral landlords. There are landlords with a no-pet policy, however, you can show them your esa letter for housing which will exempt you from this policy. In addition, an ESA letter will make your property owner or landlord unauthorized to deny you the accommodation for your pet.

The licensed mental health professional states emotional or mental disability and the necessity of having an ESA. It is the source that eases the effects or symptoms of the disability in general terms instead of labeling, defining, or describing the particular mental condition of the person. However, the patient must also show a desire to properly care for the animal.

Furthermore, persons who experience the following emotional disability can easily qualify for an ESA Panic attacks,

  • PTSD,

  • Phobia,

  • Insomnia,

  • Bipolar

  • disorder,

  • Attention

  • deficit disorder,

  • Mood

  • disorders,

  • Anxiety,

  • Depression.

However, an ESA is different from a service animal that benefits a person with a disability, including psychiatric, sensory, intellectual, physical, or other mental disabilities by being trained to perform multiple tasks. Service animals are trained to remind a person to take medicine, pull a wheelchair, alert a person to a sound, retrieve dropped items, or press an elevator button, among other tasks. For more information regarding an ESA letter visit

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