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What is emotional support animal therapy? - 2022 Guide

Mental health disorders can have a negative impact on routine life of individuals. People who suffer from mental health disorders find it difficult to do even the simplest tasks due to lack of energy and motivation. They tend to feel unhappy, unmotivated and lethargic throughout the day. You need to get yourself an ESA Letter to keep your ESA dog that provides social buffer and a sense of security. It can create huge difference to reduce panic attacks in particular situations. Esa can help improve the lives of people who avoid social interactions or gathering.

People often suffer poor mental health conditions but they are not aware of it. They do not consider it a serious problem unless it begins to affect their physical health too and cause hurdles in their daily life. Mental health can also lead to various physical symptoms such as muscle pain, body aches, headache, palpitations, nausea, lack of energy etc. It is important to check up on your mental health to stay healthy and fit.

Many people are afraid to talk about their mental health due to the stigma being associated with it. People often misinterpret their condition and do not take it serious until it gets worse. Many people commit suicide due to depression and anxiety. It is mandatory to seek professional help and get proper treatment for your mental health disorder.

Emotional support therapy is often recommended by therapists and counsellors to the patients who suffer from anxiety, depression, loneliness and insomnia. It can also be used to treat other mental illnesses as well depending on your mental state and preference. Emotional support therapy proves to be effective for many people because animals provide love and company to people which help them heal their mental traumas significantly.

How esa help treat mental disorders?

Psychological benefits of esa help treat mental disorders

Esa helps reduce stress and anxiety

ESA therapy helpful in lowering the levels of anxiety and stress in a person. Animals have a history of offering emotional support and companionship to humans. Several studies show that interaction of humans with animals proves to be beneficial psychologically as well as emotionally. Their loving and caring nature helps human reduce stress and anxiety. It also lowers blood pressure, reduce stress response and boost their mood. Animals play huge role in treating several mental health issues in humans by just their presence. There are particular benefits of animals for the people who suffer from the symptoms of anxiety.

ESA produces neurotransmitters

There are many studies that show that animals that are kept as ESA help is producing chemicals in brain that are known as dopamine. These chemicals can create a sense of pleasure and happiness. These chemicals are associated with love and pleasure. Emotional support animals show immense amount of love and affection towards their owner which can make them happy and content. It also enhances the capacity of show love and care towards others. You involve yourself into various activities and it helps in lifting your mood.

Helps decrease depression

ESA also help people reduce depression by showing unconditional love and joy to their owners. No one can resist but fall in the love with their furry pal. They change your mood instantly. You need to get yourself an emotional support animal letter to be able to keep your dog. It helps you feel less lonely because animals has an ability to make you feel loved and accompanied. They tend to understand you and talk to you. Therapists recognize the benefits of emotional support animal therefore they strongly recommend ESA for the people who suffer from depression and anxiety. It is helpful in overcoming the mental health problems.

How to get esa certificate?

It is important for you to know about the significance of esa certificate. An ESA helps to provide emotional and mental comfort to individuals that need to deal with their mental disability. It is mandatory to obtain an official documentation letter to be able to keep an ESA legally. ESA letter is a official documentation that qualifies people to be accompanied with an animal to treat their mental disability. This letter contains your details, details of your therapist, your mental disability and details regarding your ESA. This letter can only be issued by professional physicians and mental health professionals.

If you have obtained an official ESA documentation, you will be protected by rights under Federal law when it comes to traveling or housing. However, if you have esa letter for housing then your rights are being protected by the Fair Housing Act by the US department. It makes sure that no discrimination is being done to people who undergo esa therapy.

The process of getting your letter online is super simple and easy. You have to search for the authentic websites that connect you with a professional mental health counselor. You have to write your details about your mental health disability to find an appropriate match for you.

Once you find a therapist, he will ask you to fill a form to understand your mental disability and then further take a few more tests to analyze what is your disability and what treatment would be more effective for you. If you qualify the tests for ESA, your therapist will prescribe you to ESA therapy. He will write you a professional letter and send you an official email containing all the details. You should get your ESA asap to start your treatment. For more information, do visit visit

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