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Over 400+ companies in Southeast Asia took this assessment.

A tool which is specifically designed for solving the mystery of the top corporate innovation wonders - ‘Where is our organization on the corporate innovation journey?,’‘What should be our next moves?,’ ‘How can we ensure that we are on the right track?.’




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Over 400 organizations across Southeast Asia had take the assessment and we discovered that there are only top 3 industries that are the leading in innovation which are 1. Telecommunications, 2. Information technology and technology, and 3. Financial services, banks and life insurance companies which is only 20% of all organizations that have started to achieve concrete results from creating organizational innovation.

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How Corporate Innovation Maturity Model Works

CIMM™ is a tool to measure the level of corporate innovation maturity for each corporation in order to provide a clear roadmap and individualized recommendations for building, improving, sustaining the corporation's innovation capability in accordance with its optimum business objectives. The model categorizes corporations based on the 2 key attributes: People and Technology, and 6 factors: Leadership, Team Capability, Organizational Process, Tools, Data, Ecosystem.

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4 Types of Innovation Aptitude

After completing your assessment, you will receive the result of your level of corporate innovation maturity, detailed analysis of organization's capability, innovation aptitude. Here are how you can interpret your results and what we recommend for your way forward.

Widely Accepted by 400+ World-class Corporates from 17 Countries

Globally Adopted by Corporates, MNCs and Government Agencies as a Standard Innovation Assessment and Planning Tool


Endorsed by Local and International Institutions

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RISE partners with YPO to guide its global community of 29,000+ chief executives in their innovation journey


Sasin endorses CIMM as its official academic partner. Together we plan to co-research and utilize the model further

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Let us support on your corporate innovation journey.